Facts About the Italian Army

Italian army is one of the strongest and united armies in the whole world. Unfortunately, most people know nothing about the army apart from the fact that that it is one of the security bodies in Italy. This article gives you the facts about the Italian army so that you do not dwell on limited knowledge as far as the army is concerned. The facts about the army can actually blow your head. Here are some of the facts.

1. The army has a total of 32 ranks

The Italian army is divided into 32 ranks. When you join the army, you have to start operating at the lowest rank as you develop your skills to be promoted to higher ranks. The highest rank is the ‘generale’ while the lowest rank is the ‘soldato semplice’. Therefore, when you join the army, you might be placed at the lowest rank. However, you can be promoted very fast because the ranks are several.

2. The army members dress to show their rank

Italian army is very organized when it comes to the issues of their attire. Well, they might at times put on attires of the same color regardless of their ranks but then each of their clothes is marked differently to show different ranks. For instances, insignia patches are used with a different number of stars or patches to show the rank of an officer.

3. Italian army is one of the oldest armies in the work

The history of Italian army can be dated back to the 1850s and the 1860s. This is when Italy comes up with this security body which is called the army. It is actually part of the four security bodies in Italy. Just as the Italian Navy, the Italian army is respected and has the capacity to bring order when necessary.

4. Italian army is fully supplied with powerful weapons

One of the armies which have powerful weapons in the world is the Italian army. The weapons are both powerful and fully supplied. This army has weapons all the way from bulletproof vest to 9mm by 19mm pistol which is all supplied to each officer in good numbers. They also train with full arm workout routine.

5. The Italian army participated in the World War II

During the World War II, the Italian army fought first as part of Axis then later joined Allies. This happened between 1939 and 1945. Throughout the war, all the parties under which the Italian army fort got the victory. There are very negligible instances when the Italian army was ever defeated.

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